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The firm works with non-profit entities to develop affordable housing and shelter.  The financing of affordable housing and shelter invariably involves multiple sources of financing, both public and private.  The firm works to secure all the financing for a project on behalf of the Owner. 

STEP ONE:  We develop the project’s budget for the Owner’s approval. 

STEP TWO:  We then meet with the Owner, Architect and General Contractor as the Architect develops the design and the General Contractor provides cost estimates.  The Owner participates in all of these meetings. 

STEP THREE:  At the end of this process, the General Contractor provides a formal bid to construct the project. 

STEP FOUR:  If the bids do not exceed the amount of funds we have raised, the Owner enters into a General Contract with the General Contractor to build the building. 

STEP FIVE:  If the funds available fall short of the General Contract price, JSA Consulting Services works with the Owner to raise additional funds, or makes suggestions to the Architect or General Contractor as to areas of the building to cut or reduce in scope.   The General Contractor, Architect and Owner approve all of JSA’s suggestions, and also make suggestions.

 STEP SIX:  Once the General Contract is executed, JSA Consulting Services acts as an intermediary between the Owner, Architect, and General Contractor.  This role is generally known as “Owner’s Representative.”  Since many social service agencies are not familiar with the development of buildings, JSA Consulting Services translates information from the General Contractor and Architect to the Owner, and provides responses to the Architect and General Contractor so that the construction process goes smoothly. 

STEP SEVEN:  JSA works diligently with the Owner, architect, and General Contractor to complete the project on time and on budget!

STEP EIGHT:  JSA finalizes all financing and converts the construction loans to permanent mortgages with each lending institution. 

Jonathan Austin in front of Bishop Roy C. Nichols Senior Housing, Completed June, 2003  17 Units.   Client:  Oakland Community Housing, Inc.